Do you feel like a pest when doing follow-up?

I am guessing the answer is YES!


Don't worry…we all do!  And the way we follow-up can have a huge impact on whether or not a customer buys again or leaves us forever.  Scary…right?


It doesn't have to be.


I love teaching about follow-up and fun, creative ways to do it.  We want your customers to not look like this when they see another email from you:

Feel Like A Pest


Instead, we want them to be excited or better yet, reminded that they need to order again!


Here are some ways to not feel like a pest when following up:


Make your follow-up personal!

This is my all time favorite (and you know I preach this if you have followed me for any length of time).  Do a little research on your customers.  Find out what they like or see what they have posted to Facebook or Pintrest lately and use that as a way to break the ice.  People love to feel connected and when you take a little extra effort to personalize a message to them, they will respond favorably.


Now…I know sometimes you are sending out blast emails to a bulk of customers and that is not what I am talking about here.  I am talking about the one-on-one emails you are sending as follow-up to a customer.


Make sure your follow-up has some value!

This one kind of goes along with making it personal.  If they ordered a product from you …..let's say a cooking pan, send them a short video of a meal they can make in that pan.  Even better, steps on how to make that dish!

If you are just sending them something as a personal follow-up that has nothing to do with your product (which you should be doing so you stay top of mind without being salesy), send a fun article about something you know they love or a youtube video of their favorite band.  You can even send them a fun image that just says “You Are Awesome”.  Check out my templates for fun images you can send your customers!

You get the idea.


Feel Like A Pest

Be Patient!

We all know that person that sends us an email and then expects us to respond within 20 minutes…LOL  Yes…we are connected to our phones all the time and probably saw your email, but maybe it is not the right time to respond back yet.  Or they are busy and plan to respond tomorrow.  Give your customers some space..wait a couple of days before following-up again.


Be Consistent!

Ok…so I know I just said…Be Patient.  However; just like above, people are busy and they may have seen your email and thought…”I need to respond back to them tomorrow” and then tomorrow comes….but they don't respond.  They forgot.  No biggie.  We all do it (I even do it to my best friends…YIKES) But I promise that they don't mean to ignore you 99% of the time.

Send a second email a day or so later.  I know people will respond, especially if you are polite and don't make them feel bad for not responding the first time.


Know when it is time to call it quits!

This one is a tough one for most people.  Not everyone is going to respond to you and that is ok!  I promise!  I have people all the time that sign up for something and then leave my list and it used to bother me.  But, I finally figured out that I am not everyone's cup of tea…(hard to believe I know :-))

There are customers out there that LOVE you and what you sell.  Those are your people and your job is to make them feel loved and pay attention to them on a personal level.  Then go find more of them out there or ask for referrals.


This is what your customers will look like once you start doing great follow-up with the tips above:

Feel like a pest


This is what we want and you can have your customers smiling whenever they get an email or text or Facebook message from you!


Go out there and do some amazing follow-up people!!!


So if you are just watching me for the first time and have not grabbed my free eBook, it is “12 ways to make your customers love you so much, they invite you on vacation” and we all want that. And yes I would love to talk to you, chat with you, leave some comments  I would also love if you share this post with everybody that you know because any way that we can spread the word and help people is always a good day.