Remembering to post to Facebook can be hard.

Knowing what to post to Facebook can be even harder!


Today I am pulling back the curtain to show you what I use to post to Facebook so you can see it and use it too!


It is called PostPlanner and I LOVE IT!  It is really cheap and saves me a ton of time!


I go in once a week and plan out all my social media posts for the week. What is great is that with PostPlanner, it gives me suggestions of popular posts, popular quotes and I can search on items that my audience might be interested in.

I can also create posts from Canva right inside PostPlanner which makes it super easy to put quotes over top of my products, create engagement posts, etc.


It is so easy to schedule my posts and PostPlanner actually helps you set up when to post and what kind of posts you should be doing!  It makes it a no brainer when I go in to schedule out my Facebook for the week.


The composer feature allows you to pick a picture or quote and then you can add any text you want.  You can even upload your own image…perfect if you sell products or if you are a real estate agent or have services you want to show in a picture but also want to add some text to the post as well.


Planning out when to post and what kind of post to schedule has never been easier!  I set up my schedule and now when I create a post or select one that they have that aligns with my brand, it puts it in the automatic time slots I have created.  You set it and forget it!!


I cannot say enough how much I love PostPlanner.  It has made my scheduling of Facebook so much easier and the time it saves me is priceless!  I can now spend more time promoting my brand and products or with my family.


I can quickly glance at what I have scheduled to make sure I am not having too many of the same kind of post.  I want to have informational, engaging and fun posts for my readers and this allows me to see what I have scheduled to make sure there is a good mix.


Postplanner is the only scheduler I use for Facebook.  I would suggest checking it out to see how much you love it!  Their lowest version, which is what most people would need, is only $36 for the whole year!  You can't beat that for all it has to offer!

Let me know what you think!!


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