Hey Everyone!  Today I wanted to share with you a video on how to run a contest on social media.  Not only does it get your customers involved or sharing your info but it also creates a buzz around you and your product.  Contests on social media can be a great way to grow your business!

How To Create A Contest On Social Media

Let's talk about how to run a contest on social media lik Facebook or maybe through email.  Facebook's probably going to be the easiest because that's where you're to get social proof but it can be Pinterest or something where people can post pictures.

So here's what I want you to do. Whatever company you are with, I want you to post on Facebook that you are running a contest for a huge goody bag and take a picture of the goody bag to post.  It could be some full size samples from your company and also a $25 gift card.  It could be whatever you want it to be but make it really big and really and really juicy and fun.

You are going to tell everyone to post a picture with their favorite product out of your line or a picture of them using your products.  Tell them that everyone that posts picture will be entered into the drawing to win the goodie bag.  What this does is for everybody that posts, that post is going to show up on their pages as well which is really cool because now you're getting social proof about your products.  You are also showing people that you're having fun, you're also promoting your product out there.  As a bonus, you are also showing people how others are using your products and different ideas which can be really fun.

Contest on Social Media

Here are some examples:

  • If they sell Pampered Chef, then you can say hey post your favorite recipe with a picture that you've made with Pampered chef products
  • If they do makeup, have them post their favorite smoky eyes, their favorite lipstick color or whatever and have people take selfies of themselves after they've done their makeup.
  • If they sell jewelry, have them do their favorite layer look with multiple necklaces or bracelets, etc.

Another idea is to run another contest on having them share a video that you've done on your products.  If you have a video that you could share of your products, you could tell everybody to share the video on their page.  The you can pick a winner from those that share the video and give them the goody basket.  It's a great way to get your product out there a little bit bigger on social media.

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