It can be hard in the beginning of a New Year to get yourself primed and pumped up with goal setting and business planning…let alone your downline.

So…how do you get them excited about the New Year ahead?  Have a meeting either on the phone or in person with all of them as a group and have them share their goals with everyone on your team.  Help them to take a large goal and break it down into sizable chunks so it is more attainable and not so overwhelming.

This does a couple of things…it helps them to start the process and teaches them how to set goals and gets them thinking about the New Year and what they want to achieve.  It also helps to hold them accountable because they have now spoken these goals out loud and in front of all the other team members.  You will be amazed how this can fuel people to achieve their goals because they don’t want to have to come back and say they didn’t achieve them to the rest of the team.

Make sure you as a leader write down all of their goals and put them in a document.  Then when the meeting is over, send out that document to the whole team so everyone can see everyone else’s goals and help them to stay accountable for them.  This also promotes team cohesiveness and helps them to help each other achieve their goals.  They will be stronger if they can come together and help each other!!

Every month do a check in call with your team members and see where they are in their goals.  Then re-send out this document with all their goals (and yours included) to show the team members the progress.  This will help keep them fired up to about their goals and see where they are in relation to everyone else on the team.  Friendly competition never hurt anyone!!

Hugs – Jen