We all have this problem!!  We get distracted.

How do we maintain all that goes on in our lives without getting distracted?  That is the question of the century and if you figure it out, please post a comment below and let us all know.

I am just like any busy mom…I work part-time, run a business, have 2 kids and 2 bonus kids.  I coach basketball, spend time with my family and somewhere in there try and carve out time for myself too.  Haven't we all been there and aren't we all constantly trying to juggle everything in our lives?

This is where organization and systems come in.  We all need to prioritize our daily tasks.  Don't get bogged down in the little things.  Set a timer for each task that is trivial, like checking e-mail or checking your blogs, etc.

Where you don't want to let things slip by is with your customers.  You have to provide great follow-up..that is where your money is.  I think most business owners and Direct Sellers think that once someone hosts a show with them or does business with them, they should be hooked and will call you back.  That is almost NEVER the case.

We, as business owners, have to keep ourselves in front of our past customers.  They will keep coming to us since we earned their trust once before and they are our best advertising.  Keep them happy and follow-up.  Ever heard the phrase “The Fortune is in the Follow-up”??  It is so true, yet so many people don't do it!

Your mission the rest of this week is to figure out how to organize yourself and provide better follow-up with your customers.  Check on their lives, see if they are still loving your product, etc.

Talk to you soon,