Online Surveys

Hey Everyone,

One way I love to reach out to my past and new customers is through online surveys.  I love asking fun questions to get to know them and use that info to reach out to them in personal ways.  Check out this quick video below and then tell me what you think over on our exclusive Client Angel Facebook Page.

Online surveys are a great way to grow your business because if you use them to get to know your customers on a more personal level, then they are more likely to respond to you and feel more connected to you. (P.S. – If you sign up for my free ebook, you will get to see my survey in action :-))

What happens when you feel connected to someone… buy more and refer them!

I have created this video that talks all about online surveys and how to do them so they work in your favor.  Just click the video below to watch it.

One of the questions that I get a ton is what do you do when you send an online survey out to your customers? How do you get them to respond? What do you say? Because when you have customers that you haven't contacted in a while you need to go back and do an online survey and find some personal things about them that you can then use to create reminders and to follow up with them in a personal and authentic way.

The first resource to create an online survey is Survey Monkey because it's free and you can set up a really cool online survey.  Here is a quick tip…make sure the first question is always what is your name and email so that you know how to respond to them. Secondly….make some other questions fun, ask them about their personal life, ask them about their family, ask them about their kids, what they do for a living, what they do in their free time you know, etc.  Make it fun, make it interesting; what's their favorite food, favorite color or favorite band.  Create questions that are not stuffy. Offer them some kind of incentive, a coupon or put them in running for a drawing.  Make the giveaway something fun like a big gift basket of your products or a gas card or something that you know they would love so they fill out the online survey.

Online Surveys

Now one of the things people always say is well I sent this survey out to 150 people and three people responded.  Want to know why?  How many times did you send the survey out? Did you send it out once and expect everybody to respond? No it's not how it works, remember. Most of the statistics show that people don’t respond till you email 4 or 5 times; that's when you start getting the 80% response rate. So don't be afraid you're not bothering them, send them another email about the survey and do it over a 2-week period send them 3, 4, or 5 e-mails.  Check out this other blog post I did all about emailing your customers more than once.

If you’ve noticed when I send e-mails out about something I want you to see or pay attention to, I send out 4 or 5 emails and sometimes people get frustrated and that's ok. But other people say oh my goodness thanks so much, I completely forgot to get signed up for that webinar.  So send them out 4 or 5 times, people don't mind because they are busy.  I promise they won't get upset with you and then make sure that when they do respond to your online survey send them a quick thank you for filling it out.

Once they have filled out their answers, use those answers from the online survey and set up reminders and make sure you follow up with them. You know that's the most important thing, don't do the survey and then not use the answers that they send you.

So go create an online survey, send it out to your current customers and your past customers, gather some personal information, send the email out 4 or 5 times so that they respond to you, then use those things that they send to you to do great follow up with them; OK?

Do you need a great place to store those emails of your customers and you can check out my program called The Client Angel for storing your customers’ info and generating reminders to follow-up with them.

So there is your tip for the day.  If you haven't had a chance to grab my free eBook “12 ways to make your customers love you so much, they invite you on vacation with them,” do so now.