I have been absent for a week or so but that is for a good reason!!

His name is Brogan Scott and he was born on March 4th!!

I know one of the biggest things everyone tells you is that in order to really succeed, you need a very powerful “why”.

One of my biggest “why” reasons for starting The Client Angel was to help women see the benefits of building relationships with their customers.  Not just for themselves and the fulfillment it brings to make someone's day by remembering something important to them but also the financial rewards that come from your customers referring your business or staying with you because they feel connected.

Now..I have another “why” and that is my children!  I have one daughter who will be 8 in May and now a son and I want to be able to spend as much time with them as possible.  I want to have The Client Angel be my full-time job and have the fulfillment of helping women and being able to stay home with my kids.

Every day I wake up think about how to make my life closer to the dream I have in my mind.  Do you do that?

Most of the women, if not all, that are very successful in their business have a very strong “why” that drives them every day to do the best they can to have everything they want out of life.

What is your “why”?  Is it strong enough to drive you to build the business of your dreams and have the time to stay at home or do the things you love?  Make sure you write it down and list out how you want to get there.  Take it one step at a time but have a strong enough “why” to make sure you don't give up!

Here is just another glance into my “why” that motivates me every day to help other women obtain their dreams!