Want to know what it is??

Not having a follow up and referral system.  You may be saying..I know I need that…but do you have one?

Here are some facts:

69% of people polled felt that over 50% of their business came by way of referral and yet, 79% further admitted they had no well-defined system to help them.  Are you one of those people?

What are you implementing in your day to day business to help you generate referrals?  Here are a few ways to get started:

  1.  Simply ask your customers for referrals or people they know who can also use or would love your product.
  2. Make sure you acknowledge and reward those people in some way which will want them to refer you more!
  3. Stay in the top of your customers’ mind which will generate more business and referrals for you.  Do this by sending them emails that are about them, phone calls, cards in the mail, text messages, or sending them a message on facebook.

Staying “Top of Mind” with your customers is the key to growing your business.  It is not rocket science and it is not hard but it requires you to have a system and get organized.

That is why I created The Client Angel..I was in your shoes but I found a way out of the craziness!

Go to the site and sign up for the free demo and take look..see if it is a system for you.  If not, that is ok…but then go find one that does work for you!

Let me know how it is going for you!


Hugs – Jen