Bad Professional Habits You Need to Break.

Spring is here and you know what that means….Spring cleaning!

I know, I know, it’s not fun. Luckily, this kind of cleaning has nothing to do with your home. The following are habits that don’t do you any favors. Read on to see if you are in need of breaking these bad habits that have set a pattern in your life and business.

  1. Don’t worry so much
    We keep ourselves up at night far too often with the questions of “What can go wrong?” and create a mental list of how to avoid those catastrophes. These lists though, really only address the “what ifs” and isn’t helpful to you. You end up in the wrong frame of mind to think quickly on your feet for the correct solution when meeting a customer’s needs.
  2. Being too professional 
    There IS such a thing! You have to remember that they are human beings, just like us, and like to joke and laugh, and make mistakes. Make them feel less like a stranger and more at ease. When you meet with a client, pull out your list of personal notes every time. Their new puppy, kid’s first day at school, or if they’ve seen the new Bruce Willis movie. This makes them feel as if you really do care about something other than their money.
  3. Don’t make the interactions all about you
    You absolutely should have a strong sense of self. This is to ensure that you’ll avoid being taken advantage of. But the conversation should never be completely about you and/or what you have to offer. Building rapport is not always about finding a common interest, and even if you do, never dominate the conversation. Customers are always more likely to buy from you (and keep coming back) if they feel they’ve been heard, even if it was only because you talked about their love for scrapbooking. Always focus on your client.

So, are you in need of breaking these bad habits?

Start now – tell me in a comment below which one you are going to break & how.
As always, thanks for reading!