It was recently suggested to me to get the book Conquer the Chaos: How to Grow a Successful Small Business Without Going Crazy by Clate Mask and Scott Martineau.  Boy am I glad I did!!

There were some very interesting facts in this book which I am sure some of you have heard before but I think need repeating again since so many of us are not doing them.

Only 2% of sales close on the first contact

3% close on the second contact

4 % close on the third contact

10 % close on the fourth contact

81 % of sales that close, close on or after the fifth contact

(Source: Sales and Marketing Executives Club of Los Angeles)

How many times are you following up???  It is SOOOOO important and you can't afford not to.  You are leaving so much money and customers on the table and those people that make the extra effort to do the 5th follow-up are reaping the rewards!

In addition to these facts above it states that 48% of businesses (that is you too Direct Sellers) quit following up after the first call.  AHHH..that is insane people!!  Especially today, people need to be reminded of you and your business and I implore you to not give up after the first or second or even third contact with your customers.

Keep going and I promise your rewards will be worth it!!

Give it a try…I would love to hear your feedback!!


Jen Fitzgerald