I know I used to avoid the phone like the plague.  It was so hard to pick up and make a call to someone I hardly knew and ask them to book a show with me or buy some of my product.  I never really had a hard time doing the follow-up calls after a show because I had a purpose for calling and once I said I was calling to see if they got their product and how they liked it, I could hear the relief on the other end of the phone.  I know they were relieved not to have to make an excuse as to why they can’t book a show or to tell me to call back in the spring or fall.

It was the other calls I dreaded.  Picking up the phone and trying to get bookings.  You will see and hear from your companies and upline…out of 50 “No’s” will come a “Yes”…but who wants to make 50 calls and hear “No” that much??  Not me!!

Here is how I overcame this problem…I formed relationships with my customers.  Once I got to know them on a personal level, it came more about calling a friend.  I would start out my calls with…how was your vacation or how are your kids doing or how is work going for you?  We would begin talking about that info and then it could flow from there.  Over half the time, they would bring up my product or say something like..I have been meaning to call you about booking a show or ordering.

I would contact them every couple to three months so I stayed in their radar but was not overbearing.  They got used to me calling on that time schedule and it was like two friends catching up.

It takes time to build relationships with your customers but I promise if you stick with it, the payoff is HUGE!