Connecting With Your Customers

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It’s Jen of the Client Angel and I just wanted to pop in and give you a quick video tip on connecting with your customers through books to get your year off to a bang.  It can be hard sometimes to find new ways to connect with customers so I hope this tip helps! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and everything was perfect for you and you had great family and friends around, I know we did and my kids are on overload right now but it's all good.  Check out this quick video and then tell me what you think over on our exclusive Client Angel Facebook Page.


Connecting With Your Customers Through Books!

So, one of the things I always tell you is to find out personal things about your customers. And one of the questions that I would say is a good thing to ask is:


Hey what do you like to read?


Who's your favorite author?


Connecting with your customers


Ask them anything about books and make that connection with them.  There is this really great website called:


Here is how you use it….for instance I love John Grisham books and so if I was your customer you would put in John Grisham and find out all the other books that are similar to his type of genre and say:

Hey Jen….I know you love John Grisham, I wanted to share with you some other really great authors and books that are similar to his. This is a really great way to surprise your customers to let them know that you're thinking about them.  You want to let them know that you care and that you've actually done a little bit of research for them (even though you just went to this one website) but you did research all about them and helped them to find some new things they could read in their life.

This is just a really great way to reach out, to stand out in front of your customers, to be a little different.  Connecting with your customers is key for your business.




Now….go out there, find out what your customers love to read and then go to   Surprise your customers with something new for them to read and help your customers to start off the New Year with a huge bang.

So if you are just watching me for the first time and have not grabbed my free eBook, it is “12 ways to make your customers love you so much, they invite you on vacation” and we all want that. And yes I would love to talk to you, chat with you, leave some comments  I would also love if you share this video with everybody that you know because any way that we can spread the word and help people is always a good day.