Every business, big or small, benefits from answering services which will help in better customer relationship management. The trick, however, lies in choosing the most appropriate service. Answering services can provide you with suitable answering services that will perfectly meet your business needs.

Here are few options to choose from:

Private Branch Exchange (PBX): This is an automated attendant answering service that mostly is available in big corporate offices. In this type of service, there would be computer software that will prompt the callers to key in numbers on the phone, and then direct them to the representative who would address the query. On pushing wrong keys, the caller will have options to go back one step or start all over again.

PBX is often known to provide services at economic rates, which is why most businesses opt for these. These are considered to be most efficient in cases of resolving customer complaints. However, in case of receiving new business prospect, PBX does not seem ideal as they are sometimes considered to be difficult to deal with.

Virtual receptionist: This type of answering service comprises specially trained representatives who work from a remote location and take the business calls. Virtual reception answering service handles every type of incoming business calls on behalf of your company. Their work is very much similar to a normal receptionist who takes messages, provides information about the company, schedules appointments, etc.

Virtual receptionists are even capable of making calls to clients for seeking information. These are considered to be a very reliable mode of answering service. Answering services can provide virtual reception services to perfectly match your business needs.

The traditional answering service: This kind of service helps to answer calls and receive messages for your business. They do not provide any interactive modes of communication with the customers or clients. These are ideal for large businesses that need to register customer complaints and are looking exclusively for one set of people to take into account the customer queries. They sometime give customers the chance to get in touch with a representative; this however is in extremely rare cases.

Live answering service: These types of answering services are common to medical fields where the callers have the option to talk to someone and have their requirements met instantaneously. Live answering service can be considered as the most professional way for a business to deal with their customers.

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Jen Fitzgerald - Founder of the Client Angel Note from Jen Fitzgerald: These are fantastic choices! Most are suitable for corporate businesses, however, if you’re in the direct sales business, you may want to consider the “traditional answering service” and the “live answering service” as your two top choices. These are the most relatable for small businesses and work better when you have less than fifty clients.

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