It was created in 2010 by me, Jennifer Fitzgerald, mom-prenuer, health fanatic and, follow up advocate. The Client Angel has been named the hottest tool for follow up in the direct sales and network marketing industry.Communication and organization become one when it comes to entrepreneurism. Both of these things in harmony, lead to crazy-good customer relationships and repeat business. At The Client Angel, we understand how hard it is to balance everything that you must running your own business. We are here to help you gain control over your customer database so that you can start creating relationships that make a difference in your business. We want to make the follow up in your business virtually automatic. The Client Angel was born out of my need for an organization angel. I would gather contact information from the people I meet and promise to follow-up with them and never do. This follow up guilt lead to overwhelm… where I had so many customers and prospects and no way to organize them anymore. As if the stress of running my own business wasn’t enough. I wanted and needed a simpler, more efficient way to track, build and maintain the awesome relationships that I could be nurturing. To clarify this point and help change the way we connect with our customers, I created the Client Angel. The Angel Factor is a home study course that will walk you through a no brainer follow up system that paired with the Client Angel will make your business utterly successful if you use all the resources provided.

My name is Jen Fitzgerald and I am the creator of The Client Angel, & popular programs like The Angel Factor.

I am a relationship building and follow-up pro with a passion for teaching my strategies to entrepreneurs all over the world.

I am the founder and owner of The Client Angel, a tool used worldwide by business owners helping them to attract and retain more customers, grow their businesses, and enjoy more freedom in their lives. After applying my proven strategies, we’ve seen clients experience significant growth in their business, more referrals, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing they never miss anything in their customers’ lives.

In my “spare time” you can find me playing with my family, coaching my daughters basketball or soccer team and cuddling up with my laptop to learn about new strategies for business growth.

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