I am a big believer that when we are doing follow-up and marketing to our customers, we need to follow the 75%/25% rule.

That means that 75% of the time, you need to make your communication all about them and not about you.  When you send emails or make phone calls, make it about what is going on in their lives…did they have a good vacation, how are their kids, how is the book club going….etc.

You can have your tagline in your emails but you really need to stay away from selling your products and business all the time..it turns people off…doesn’t it you?  You do not want your customers to look like this:

Contact people multiple ways…through facebook, email, phone, send cards in the mail, texting….

There are a ton of ways to stay in touch and make sure you are only sending out your sales and info about your business 25% of the time and you should be great!!