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When you're a small business, many times you're the only one in the control room. With all of the technology these days, we never truly take advantage of what's available to us. If you have a smart phone (let's face it, most of the population has one), these apps could potentially help you and your business at little or no cost.

Invoice2Go: Create invoices and estimates on your smart phone, tablet, or iPad.

You can create a master list of regular billable items, or use the Receipts2go plugin to bill for client-specific supplies. Completed invoices can be emailed or printed right from the app. You can download the FREE version and be able to create three invoice at a time, or buy it for $9.99 to have unlimited options.

Bento 4 for iPad: This is a personal database that makes it easier to organize and present data.

What makes Bento 4 different from the average spreadsheet tool is that it allows you to combine your tables with text fields and images by simply dragging and dropping boxes on to one of 40 free templates. Use Bento 4 to create a product catalog for sales meetings, to manage multi-step projects or build a detailed contact list. The iPad app costs $9.99 and syncs with Bento's desktop software for the Mac.

Delivery Status Touch: A Package Tracker for those who send and receive a ton of packages each month?

This app helps track all of your packages. One of the cooler features of this app is that if you have packages from services not supported, you can select “Other” and enter a delivery date and website. Delivery Status will then track the site and let you know when it changes. From the main screen though, you can see the latest progress of every item — coming or going. This app is $4.99, but if you send and receive more packages than you know what to do with, it's definitely a good investment.

Remember the Milk: Organizing can be tough sometimes.

According to psychological studies, humans are not wired to multi-task at all! Here's an app that has helped many… This app is free and is great for creating checklists, sharing those lists, and setting reminders to your email. The only downside is that to be able to sync your Google Calendar and to receive Push Notifications on your smart phone, you have to upgrade to the Pro version, which is $25 per year. A great investment though, if needed!

Cisco WebEx Meeting: Across town and about to be late for a sales call? Not anymore!

This FREE high quality 2-way video for smart phones or iPad will help. Conduct a virtual video conference anywhere (with 3G or wifi) you go, whether it be in your car in the parking lot of a Target or waiting at the airport, you'll never be late again! It's a visual experience on the go and getting face-to-face has never been easier!

InDinero: Created in 2010, this free app is an easy way to keep track of business cash flow and manage day-to-day finances. This app syncs up to bank accounts and credit cards and helps predict future cash flows according to past cash flow trends.

Tripit: If you've ever had to take three flights and rent a car in the same day, you understand how stressful it can be keeping all the information straight. Tripit is free and allows travelers to keep track of trip arrangements in one place. It also gives weather updates, maps, and directions to make your journey ten times easier! (Note: Don't buy the $3.99 version… it's exactly the same, only without ads)

Hopefully these apps will help you further your business and make your life a little easier. There are so many free apps to assist with businesses that we don't even know about. Utilize these free technologies and pave the way for a smooth ride.