Happy Thursday!!!

I love to find reps that are doing awesome and really growing their business and interview them to find out not only what they are doing that is working but to have them share so that all of you can learn from them too!

Leila Hays is who I recently interviewed and I met her at the Jamberry conference where I was a speaker and got to know her a bit.  She started with Jamberry in January and has since been growing her business like crazy and is at the top of her team!!

Want to hear what she is doing to grow so fast?

What she is doing for only 10 minutes a day that is causing an extra $250-$300 in sales a month?

I know you do….click below to hear our conversation and get some ideas and inspiration so you can grow your business like Leila has!

As always….post your comments on my blog and let me know what you think.

If you are rocking our your business…I want to hear from you and interview you!!!  Shoot me a message at: jenfitzgerald@theclientangel.com